United Streaming was purchased by the Discovery Channel, so it is often called "DiscoveryEducation."

Student Accounts in Discovery Learning

Discovery Learning - Student Accounts and Assigments from buster meltzer on Vimeo.

Main Log in Website: http://www.discoveryeducation.com/

Official United Streaming Learning Videos (You have to to logged in to United Streaming to view)

**Navigating through Discovery Education**
Learn how to access your Discovery Education services after you log into your account.
**Conducting a basic search**
Learn how to search for and find videos, images, audio files, and other assets.
**Streaming a video**
Learn how to view/play a video on Discovery Education streaming
**Using the Image Library**
Learn how to integrate images and photographs into the classroom
**The Teacher Center**
Learn about the many resources and features available to teachers
**Professional Development**

Learn how to access tools and materials for professional development

Here are some excellent learning videos posted by other teachers from TeacherTube.com


UnitedStreaming-More than Movies

UnitedStreaming-Speeches, Clip Art, Song