FirstClass Email Tutorials

Changing Preferences from Oak Grove School on Vimeo.

Creating Mail List from Oak Grove School on Vimeo.

Click here to add Automatic Spell Check to email.
Click here to see the directions on how to create a mail group to everyone but...

Click the icon to download a simple FirstClass Manual designed for Oak Grove School

How to add Automatic Spell Check to email

Go to the FirstClass Menu and go to Preferences
Click on the Content Tab, then the Spell Check Tab, then check "Automatically....."
When you send an email, if there a question of spelling, you will see this dialog boxxx:


  1. You can add new words to your dictionary
  2. You can Skip individual words
  3. Use can retype a spelling and the press replace
  4. You can skip all spell check by pressing the Done button

File Storage

At File Storage, you can drag a file or folder to store it and then download it at another location that you have access to FirstClass. Since you can easily set up FirstClass on your home computer from the Oak Grove website, this means that you can transfer larger files from school to home or home to school rather efficiently. You can also drag files straight from your computer to the FirstClass desktop – it has the same results.

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Directions for Sending an Email to Everyone but...

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Step 4-7

Steps 8-10

Step 11-12