Apple Tips and Tricks

Tech Tip #1 (11-03-08)

Adding Right Click to "Mighty Mouse"

For the official Apple Directions go to: Mighty Mouse at

If you have a mouse like this:
It has has hidden features including a "right-click" button just like your standard 2-button mouse

To change the settings
1. go to System Preferences

2. Select Keyboard/Mouse

3. Select Mouse

4 Change settings

Tech Tips 11/03/08

Frozen Computer:

• Restarting your machine fixes the problem more times than not. Can’t see shut down menu? Hold the power button down until computer turns off.

• If a straight restart doesn’t do the trick try zapping the PRAM! Restart and hold down the following four keys until you hear the start-up chime three times:

Option + Apple + P + R keys

Logging in to Multiple Computers Simultaneously:

• It’s bad, don’t do it!
• Messes with Sync

Dragging Applications to Dock:

• Open Hard Drive
• Open Applications Folder
• Drag icon to dock, NOT Desktop

Projector Care:

• Send a Tech Work Order if you get a “Clean Filter” message
• Diane Neiweem will clean filters every couple of months
• Manual focusing and zooming
• Don’t touch bulb
  1. Extremely hot
  2. Contains chemicals
  3. Do not handle